The 'Peters' file is part of the G. M. Colvocoresses mining collection. Colvocoresses was a mining engineer and metallurgist in Arizona. He was General Manager of Southwest Metals Company, Humboldt, AZ. It acquired Consolidated Arizona Smelting Company by the end of 1921. In 1920, Colvocoresses was appointed receiver for Consolidated Arizona Smelting Company out of Phoenix. This collection is comprised mainly of his reports on field visits or submittals from approximately 300 Arizona properties and 100 more properties in the Southwest.


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mineral resources
placer deposit mining
Copper, Sulfide
Molybdenum, Sulfide
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United States
Yavapai County
Wilhoit - 7.5 Min
Patented Claims Ms 489
Patented Claims Ms 491
Patented Claims Ms 510
Patented Claims Ms 511
Patented Claims Ms 51(?)
Patented Claims Ms 518
Patented Claims Ms 485
Patented Claims Ms 486
Patented Claims Ms 487
Patented Claims Ms 488
Patented Cla
T13N R3W Sec 20 --
Sierra Prieta physiographic area
Copper Basin metallic mineral dist.
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Colvocoresses, George M., II
G. M. Colvocoresses
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Please cite by using: [a description of the item]. 1986-01-0218, G. M. Colvocoresses mining collection, Arizona Geological Survey.
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